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What’s MoneyDNA Mastery About??

Over the years I’ve noticed that most of my clients (and the clients of my colleagues) who aren’t achieving their full potential as an entrepreneur and don’t take big action have huge fears and limiting beliefs about money and business.  MoneyDNA is a 90 day virtual mastermind program designed to elevate the entrepreneurs’ internal success program (a.k.a. their mindset, habits and and money-generation strategies.) Using a powerful cutting-edge technology, I obliterate their mental Success Barrier then integrate a Thriving MoneyDNA Blueprint by teaching them a four step “recoding” process.

This is the same four step recoding process I personally used to break out of my $1k/month trap and make 6 figures within 9 months. It works when you work the process.

During this 90 day program, I guide them to their breakthrough by...

  • With six web-based trainings that identify their success barrier, recode their internal blueprint and then teach them a more effective strategy to achieve great success. This happens over 12 weeks (they can also download MP3 audios.)
  • A comprehensive MoneyDNA Guidebook is included as a self-assessment to uncover their Success Barriers (this is HIGHLY effective!)
  • Three monthly LIVE Mastermind Calls over the 90 days (one per month) with me to help them customize this program to fit their unique needs.
  • A quarterly private laser coaching “call in” day
  • Helpful downloadable resources  to help them implement this new blueprint into their life and business
    • Guided Prosperity Breakthrough Visualization Audio
    • Money Magnet Planning Tool
    • Debt Free Calculator

Additionally we’ll entice your audience with

some valuable fast-action bonuses:


  • We drop the price from $1497 to $497 for 7 days
  • When they enroll within 24 hours of the webinar they’ll get bonused into a 30 day Amplified MoneyDNA Mastermind to integrate even more high-vibration outcomes.
  • A super bonus for first 11 people of a private recoding session with me (valued at $800)

How Does the Promotion Work?

We have three elements that will help us teach your community about the need to recode their success blueprint.

Step One. Four Part Video Training

The video series is designed to educate the viewer on how essential the right money mindset by covering these four topics:

  • How to Know if Your MoneyDNA Is Crippling Your Success
  • The Signs of a Sneaky Success Barrier Working Against Your Efforts
  • What to Do to Raise Your Internal Success Set Point
  • The 4 Step Plan to Manifest More Money

Step Two. How to Recode Your MoneyDNA for Significant Success Webinar.

The webinar is 80 minutes and I’ll explain more on how limiting beliefs are formed — and why recoding is a sure-fire technique for replacing self-sabotaging habits by putting their dreams and goals on “auto-pilot.” This will be their opportunity to enroll and save on MoneyDNA Mastery enrollment.

Step Three. Live Stream Q&A

If your prospect has not enrolled by now then they will be invited to a live Q&A where I’ll tackle their biggest questions and give them one last opportunity to enroll.

How Much Will You Earn?

We provide generous compensation plans for all of our affiliate programs, including the up-sell and continuity offers. We have worked hard testing & tweaking our up-sells, down-sells & continuity offers. They are all converting at high rates!

For the MoneyDNA™ System, you will receive $200.00 for every single sale you make for the $497 sale (a 40% commission.) Plus we cookie your lead and if they invest in another product or group coaching within 18 months you’ll receive a commission on that product as well.

For instance, many of our MoneyDNA Mastery graduates will continue on in our advanced mindset mastermind called MoneyDNA Amplified at $77/month. You’ll receive a 30% commission.

Why Should YOU Promote MoneyDNA?

I’m committed to creating a community of prosperous entrepreneurs who are courageous, bold and inspired to make a big impact (and be prosperous in the process.) I see us as part of the ripple effect.

Unfortunately over 75% of the “passion driven” entrepreneurs I’ve worked with have HUGE barriers about making money — which translates to an inability to implement the tools YOU are teaching them! Even worse, many are unable to invest in YOU or other support they need because of their lack of financial strength.

I’d like to partner with YOU to change that. Beyond collaborating to make a difference, this is a program that works. When the participants use the tools they will truly transform their mindset, their ability to take action and they’ll leave with the confidence and courage to take on their big dreams — and automate the flow of money in the process!

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Complete the form below to sign up as one of our partners. You will be sent an email with your username and password for our affiliate area, where you can get your hands on the great resources for promoting this product. Then email us at affiliate AT successconnections DOT com to let my partner manager know you are on board. She’ll send you a special promotional kit once you sign up and we know you are on board and want to promote!

Here’s some of the promotional tools we will provide for you to ensure your campaign is a huge success!

  1. High Converting Email Templates
  2. Social Media Posts
  3. Banner Ads
  4. Social Media Images
  5. Articles for your ezine or blog

Together let’s create mindset elevation across our industry and heal our community’s unconscious money blocks so that entrepreneurs worldwide can experience greater success. After all, when they no longer have limiting beliefs around money they’ll be able to serve more people – and invest in much needed trainings like yours!

Important Dates & Promotion Information

Our upcoming promotion dates Start October 11th through November 1st. We'll kick off with the video series (which is super important for your audience to start with) and end with the webinar and Q&A. All of the promotion dates and materials will be made available one you sign up as a partner affiliate.

One suggestion: To get the absolute best results, try to focus on one promotion of a partner at a time so that your community can focus on this opportunity. It will lead to better results and a bigger check for you!

Here’s some of the results from MoneyDNA graduates:

(Names are changed to protect identifies but each of these are real situations.)

I was paralyzed in my business and unable to book any sales. I was really afraid I would not be able to make money in my business -- and would end up a total failure. After the recoding process and implementing the daily mastery practice in Session 3, I felt different and started to take action to follow up with leads again.

With my first follow up, I was able to revive a sale I thought I lost. Now, 90 days after implementing, I feel hopeful, have booked one big consulting gig, and have put consistent lead generation activity into action again. This process has worked wonders for me!

"Jennifer", Seattle, WA

I have a goal to break 7 figures but couldn't get past $400k. I was stressed out trying to keep up with all of the growth strategies my previous coach had suggested. After completing session 5, I discovered how to shift my focus away from the "big time and money drains" to a "hidden automatic success" strategy that Melanie pointed out — which now allowed me to focus on the real money makers in my business. I now see exactly how to achieve 7 figures -- this year!

Doris, Idaho

I was holding back on a lot of big impact growth strategies and had made up a story about why they wouldn't work for me. After completing the first two sessions, I had a huge breakthrough in my thinking and started to proactively reach out to colleagues to partner up. Within 2 weeks I landed a major interview that generated five figures in income. Imagine a simple mindset shift being what was in my way!

John, Los Angeles, CA

I know how to make money and had easily reached six figures. But I couldn't imagine how I could increase my income as I was already working way too many hours. After I did the recoding step I knew EXACTLY why I wasn't making more money -- I had a limiting belief about being supported. After that session I finally hired the team I really needed and was able to add another $20/k per month in revenue.

Allie, Atlanta, GA