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Once you log in to your members area, you'll find your self study schedule and recordings.  Start first with your Quick Start Video and your Self-Assessment. You will receive weekly lesson emails to keep you on track.

Most importantly, make a decision right now to stay focused and complete each step. You might feel tempted at some point to give up or fall into the old habit of prioritizing other things first. DON'T DO IT! This is a HUGE opportunity for you. Resistance might surface and if it does, just remember that every big shift in your life around money comes from being willing to change your patterns. You can do it!

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Please whitelist melaniebstrick@successconnections.com in your email account.  This is the email address that ALL of your course materials are emailed from and we'd hate for you to miss any of these emails.

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If you don't receive your Welcome email within 24 hours, or need help accessing any of your course materials, please email: assist@successconnections.com and a member of my team will be glad to help you.

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