The Shocking Reason Why You’re Achieving Just A Small Fraction Of The Success You Dream Of And How To Start Thriving Financially— On Auto Pilot!

Discover the Step-by-Step Formula Proven To Recode Your Money Mindset to Unlock Dormant Channels Of Wealth, Prosperity And Automatic Success – in Under 8 Weeks!

It’s not an accident that you found me.

As a matter of fact, you’ve probably been searching for a solution to your money and success challenges for quite some time. You’ve probably tried many solutions to resolve your up and down cash flow or on-going worries about having enough money -- but nothing you’ve tried up to now has worked 100%. You get little bursts of hope but then you slingshot right back to your previous woes. I totally get it. I've personally experienced similar set backs too.

Like when I first started my business and was stuck at $1,000 a month for 18 months (whew that was a challenging time!)

Or during the 2009 credit freeze when after nearly breaking 7 figures I was scrambling to make ends meet.

The first time I had a massive breakthrough I'd been stuck at $1k per month and nothing I did worked. After using my MoneyDNA Recoding process I catapulted into six figures in just under nine months.

The second time I experienced big money challenges I had grown to almost 7 figures then hit a rough patch and almost lost everything. Using this process I recoded again and ended up generating almost 6 figures in 90 days.

Each time I faced these challenges I put my MoneyDNA Recoding process into action -- and was able to reboot my business finances fast.

Hi I'm Melanie Benson...

I'm a revenue strategist and mentor to service professionals, expert-preneurs and small business owners across the globe. Over my almost 20 years as a mentor, I've guided thousands of visionary, creative entrepreneurs to thrive as a 6 - 7 figure industry leader.

As an authority in my field, my programs have a proven track record of guiding people just like you to outperform their biggest revenue goals while exponentially growing the reach of their heart-based work.

I've had my ups and downs around money and success.

After spending almost 20 years helping over-worked and burned out entrepreneurs simplify their approach to tripling their revenues I finally realized that without the right MoneyDNA in place, great marketing and six-figure business models just can't kick in.

Now every client and thousands of entrepreneurs, service-based business owners and mission-driven trailblazers turn to me to upgrade their internal success programming so that they decisions, habits and strategies are on auto-pilot for thrive (instead of struggle or working way too hard.)


How Does MoneyDNA 2.0
Transform Your Business Results?

Elevate Your MoneyDNA: Recode your Mindset for Automatic Success

This step is where we will identify and permanently remove the subconscious belief(s) that are causing you to repel or avoid money while upgrading your wiring to accept, attract and sustain prosperity. Using my proprietary system to permanently shift out of lack and into the most powerful wealth attraction possible, you’ll see new possibilities, have confidence to pull off ideas you’ve only dreamed of and possibly have “mystery money” arrive from clients or gifts you haven’t even planned on!

Uplevel Your Success Blueprint

In this step you will learn how to upgrade your MoneyDNA Blueprint -- from the inside out. There are important new mindsets and valuable habits to put into place to help put thrive on "auto-pilot." You will integrate proven MoneyDNA mindsets with external behaviors -- and lock them as if you’ve installed a new, more powerful, money mindset program!

Money Magnet Systems: Determine What Invaluable Factors you Need NOW in Order to Out-earn Yourself Over and Over Again.

From debt payoff strategies to easy systems that millionaires use that keep them in abundance, I’ll reveal everything I used to RESET that my money programs! Once I implemented the money magnet systems, I plugged up my profit drains, discovered huge time savers and found myself on the road to six and seven figure success.

Level Up With Auto Pilot Success Strategies

In this step you will learn how to upgrade your business growth strategies to match your new MoneyDNA Blueprint. Once you have a new, elevated success vibration your vision of what’s possible, and ability to take bold, courageous action, will have you fired up and capable of taking on a business model capable of accelerated results.

Allison Babb Phillips

An Extra $20k Per Month Breakthrough!

“I had a single MoneyDNA call with Melanie on taking my business to an entirely different revenue level and was astounded at what was actually holding me back.  It was so far buried in my subconscious that I would never have guessed that was the link.  But in just a few short minutes with Melanie, I had an amazing breakthrough!  I was truly stunned at the outcome and also the remarkable, yet simple process she used to help me achieve this breakthrough.

Not only could I quickly see the extra $20K+ I can make each month and how easy it would be to create that, but the path to stepping into that was equally clear.  I should be clear that this was not a mere vision, a wish, a hope, or a dream; the precise actions I needed to take to achieve that was equally as clear using the process Melanie took me through.”

Allison Babb Phillips Great Small Business Advice

Who Will MoneyDNA 2.0 Work Best For?

Here’s Some of the Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your MoneyDNA so You KNOW That This Program is for You...

  • You hold back from investing in your business because you believe you can’t afford it.
  • Alternating between a big payday and scrambling for sales, you are almost always stressed out.
  • You are routinely making “just enough” to get by.
  • On some level you see wealthy people as “bad” or you are worried you will be “like them.”
  • You are losing sleep worrying about how you will cover your bills this month.
  • Your coach, friends or colleagues tell you that you undercharge but you can’t imagine charging more.
  • The fear of what you will have to give up or change to be more successful is keeping you from achieving more success.
  • You are still doing it all yourself because you can’t financially justify paying others to help you.
  • Your motivation mantra is “I HAVE to make this work or I’ll have to go get a job!”
  • You avoid looking at your bank statements (you tell yourself you don’t have time.)
  • You are always busy, disorganized or run out of time to figure out how to achieve more — so you don’t.
  • You feel like you are blocked by an invisible wall keeping you from achieving your next level of success.

Did you count at least five signs its time to upgrade your MoneyDNA? If yes, then let's make sure MoneyDNA is right for you. If you tend to approach transformational programs as I outline below, then chances are this is NOT the right next step for you.

  • You are not willing to be 100% in and put every step I teach you into action.
  • You truly believe that nothing will EVER work for you. As much as I'd love to show you that isn't true, I'd rather focus my energy on the MoneyDNA Participants who are open-minded, willing to keep learning and ready to massively shift!
  • You are down to your VERY last penny and are enrolling in this program with so much fear and angst that you won't be able to keep your mind in an "expansive" place.
  • You have a pattern of enrolling, doing nothing, then asking for your money back when the cash flow gets tight again.
Catherine Newton

$6k Immediate Return on My Investment

“Before working with Melanie on the MoneyDNA process, I had a feeling that something was missing around my understanding of money and of what I could create, but I lacked the ability to ‘see’ what was sabotaging me and my progress. Since doing the process with Melanie I have had some HUGE shifts. She helped me realize that my fear was that I didn’t trust myself to make fabulous money and that I could manage it.

The process has since helped my consciousness realize and align with the fact that I am here to REALLY shine my light and that I can trust myself to make fabulous money. In fact within 36 hours of having the session I had signed a $6,000 client! I know how to make fabulous money, I have more confidence, more trust in myself, more financial understanding and a solid belief in my ability to help others and get richly rewarded for it. Thank you Melanie!”

Catherine Newton New Zealand

What's Included in the MoneyDNA 2.0
Success Transformation Program

Eight MoneyDNA Web-Based
Training Sessions

These sessions are where I walk you step by step through the recoding process. Almost as if I’m coaching you directly, the video sessions (you can also listen to the audio version if you prefer) will take you through the same process I’ve coached my clients on for the last 15 years (but luckily for you its at a FRACTION of the investment!)

Feel free to look through each of the eight sessions below to discover what you will learn (and more importantly, the breakthrough you can experience!)

MoneyDNA Thrive Principles

In session 1, you’ll discover the mindsets behind success on “auto-pilot.”

Just by discovering these new ways of thinking you could have an instant breakthrough around money, success and happiness.

Release the Barriers Holding You Back

I’ll walk you through how to release your own head trash (aka sneaky success barriers) and expose any lingering fears and doubts that could be in the way of making a great impact with your work. Then we will recode those beliefs together (its literally as if you had a private recoding session with me that’s worth $900!)

Elevate to your Thriving MoneyDNA Blueprint

Once you’ve cleared out the head trash and recoded your MoneyDNA, you’ll discover how to thrive from the inside out!  This is where we will lock in your new beliefs, thought processes and internal strategies required to enjoy more of your life while having a six figure plus business on “auto-pilot.”

Implement your 4 Step Daily Mastery System

Now you are ready to gain more confidence, clarity and energy to pull off your biggest, boldest goals! As you learn the four step mastery system, you’ll be able to customize this motivation boosting system to your needs.

After using this system, watch out. You may far exceed your wildest expectations with 4 simple changes to your daily habits!

Activate Your Automatic Success Generators

Once the inner game is strong and your daily habits are fired up, you’ll discover the six main automatic success generators. Think of them like business models that allow you to amplify your impact while exponentially increasing revenue — awhile to spending LESS time delivering your offerings!

Magnetize More Money with Right Action

With a business model that can deliver more sales, you’ll now be ready to implement the systems that help you become a good steward of money. These Right Action Systems are simple, yet they allow you to know your money picture, make excellence decisions AND direct your flow of financial abundance.

Using these systems are a fast way to eliminate struggle while feeling confident that you’ll have consistent, predictable cash flow.

Freedom from Debt Roadmap

Have you accumulated some debt as you’ve invested in your growth? Are you feeling oppressed by the amount of debt you have? Debt is a very misunderstood and overwhelming state. In this session I’ll give you a tool and a roadmap so that you are set free from feeling overwhelmed while creating new debt payoff strategies.

Upgrade Your MoneyDNA Navigation System

As you wrap up your MoneyDNA upgrade, you’ll want to lock in your big, bold goals. Whether you are implementing your new Automatic Success Strategy or simply want to feel more confident as you pursue your business goals, this step uses a powerful anchoring technique to magnetize YOU (and every decision, habit and action you take) to achieving it fast!

Cindy J

I’ve Raised My Rates Over and Over Again

“I was determined to change my money situation when I joined MoneyDNA in 2013. I was tired of struggling to make ends meet each month. I decided that I was going to attend every session and complete all of the assignments. This decision changed my life, my business, and my money stories!

It was very insightful to understand my MoneyDNA Blueprint so that I could move through the head trash that was keeping me stuck. But my big a-ha was realizing I was stuck in limiting stories.

The story I had been telling myself for years was that I would get in BIG trouble if I asked people for money, which naturally was not conducive to a coaching business! By following the MoneyDNA process I was able to upgrade my story! Now my business has continued to grow each and every year. I’ve raised my fees several times, without blinking an eye. I owe so much of my success, to the fact that Melanie helped me understand what my own money blocks were and develop my own thriving MoneyDNA blueprint.

To this day, if I feel any blocks, I continue to use the MoneyDNA tools to get back on track!”

Cindy J The Visibility Wiz

Learning is good, but integrating what you learn by customizing your MoneyDNA upgrade to your needs is what makes your new prosperity stick! To help integrate your upgraded MoneyDNA, you'll also get my Own Your Bold Inner Circle for 90 days.

Each month I'll host an Hour of Power LIVE training on topics from mindset to scaling growth to creating a signature offering. Hosted the first Wednesday of the month (holidays may shift to the 2nd) at 1pm PT, bring your question, challenge or share your breakthroughs on the call!

Not only will you leave clear and fired up, you'll connect with other participants who are working through the process. Sometimes you'll gain just as much clarity through other people's breakthroughs as your own!

A bonus -- you'll get access to Momentum Hours! I'll open up my phone lines and take your private call so we can work through any challenge or mindset block one on one.

Jonathon Aslay

Clearing Out My Head Trash was Life Changing!

“In the first MoneyDNA Session I discovered I was making a huge mistake in my cash flow. I immediately shifted my thinking and said yes to an opportunity that was right in front of me. Within 60 days I had a significant increase in my bottom line – and a whole new level of peace of mind.”

Jonathon Aslay Understand Men Now

Bonus #1.The MoneyDNA Breakthrough Visualization | $37 Value

I’ve created this audio visualization to assist you throughout the whole MoneyDNA process. You see, as you go through the program, you’ll find occasions where your monkey chatter mind might hold your progress back a little. I know, it happens to me…!

So, I’ve created the MoneyDNA Breakthrough Visualization to help you cut out the monkey chatter, clear your mind and focus on reprogramming and unlocking your future prosperity. Which you can download immediately.

Most importantly, when I show you how to plan for the leveraged income that's possible, you'll want to know how to analysis and plan for YOUR new income streams. With the MoneyDNA 2.0 toolkit, you'll get to downloadable resources.

The Freedom From Debt tool helps you map out a plan to get out of debt so you can "set it and forget it."

The Money Planner tool will guide you through how your current revenue offerings are performing as well as help you pin down how your new "automatic success strategy" to produce consistent cash flow.

This is the very tool my $8500+ clients use to shed MASSIVE light on the right path to take for multiple six figure boosts!

In order to retrain your thought patterns and convince your subconscious mind it's okay to be more prosperous, peaceful and powerful, I’ve included two audio meditations to use morning and night.

Download them onto your smartphone or flash drive and play the short mental reboot audios to get inspired in the morning, and recharge (while realigning your mental patterns for greater wealth) while you sleep!

Warning! You may find yourself super-charged, totally positive and attracting more money and success than you ever thought possible after listening to these audios daily.

Your Investment

Over the last 15 years I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to help them elevate their inner game so they could pull off their next level of success.  Investing anywhere between $7,500 and $25,000, these thought leaders and trail blazers found this investment had a fast and significant pay off, especially when their earnings doubled, tripled or even quadrupled during our time working together. I know that it just isn’t possible for every person who NEEDS this kind of specialty breakthrough work to make that kind of investment.

For a very limited time, I've made this eight week money transformation program available to you at just $497 (normally the full course is $1497.)

MoneyDNA 2.0 Success Transformation Program

Just $497

Enroll Now (Best Deal)One Payment of $497
Or Enroll NowTwo Payments of $267

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Risk-Free Guarantee! Take 30 DAYS to decide. I want you to be a raving fan of the MoneyDNA Mastery program. I am so convinced this program will change your life I am giving you 30 days to put it to work. If after 30 days of applying the principles you will learn here, if you’re not completely convinced it was worth 5-10x the tuition, then ask for a refund and one will be given, no questions asked. That’s how serious we are about helping you change your life.

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