MoneyDNA Preview LIVE Webinar (Ellen Violette) Opt-In

What if everything you’ve learned up to now about the inner and outer game of creating significant success is only PART of the how it really works?

If you are working countless hours trying to “keep up” or find yourself worrying in the middle of the night that you might lose it all, then you need to URGENTLY rewire your internal success program and become an automatic success generator.

p-melanieMy good friend, Melanie Benson Strick, Success Catalyst to hundreds of thought leaders and creative entrepreneurs across the world and “America’s Leading Authority on Optimum Performance,” has an extraordinary training on this subject.

I’ve asked her to join me on a live webinar, Thursday, February 7th, 4 pm PT | 7 pm EST, where we’ll reveal:

The Missing Link: How to Recode Your MoneyDNA
for Automatic Success

On this live webinar Melanie will tackle:

  • Why you’ve tried to chance habits and do things differently to make more money but it NEVER sticks (even smart, successful entrepreneurs can miss this one!)
  • The six MoneyDNA Blueprints and how to identify which one is currently running your success programming.
  • How your seemingly innocent thoughts can be sabotaging your ability to generate higher levels of success (and banish the cycle of chasing clients or leads.)
  • What to do to identify and break an unhealthy pattern that is causing you to hit your income ceiling prematurely.
  • Rise above the doubts, fears and worries of financial uncertainty to stay focused (even when the rest of the world is crying doom and gloom, panicking and losing faith.)

It took her 25 years of studying the real principles of wealth attraction combined with 10 years of “on the job” training as a six and seven figure entrepreneur before she discovered the truth:

There is a HUGE difference between making money and creating long-lasting success.

You can know how to make money and not ever achieve the level of success you are destined for. The truth is there’s a secret abundance code lying dormant inside each of us but over 90% of the people on this planet have not tapped their full potential.

If you are letting the fear that you’ll never have enough guilt you into working long hours or feel like you’ve hit an invisible plateau in your earning that you can’t move past, you’ll want to join us.

Can’t make the call live?  I’ll make sure you get access to the replay within 24 hours.  But you need to register to get the replay details.