Are you Winning or Losing in the Game of Entrepreneurship? Join me to Amplify Your Entrepreneur Results!

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Now its time to amplify your mindset, habits and actions in all areas of your business (and life!)  You've probably heard the saying,

“The inner game of entrepreneurship is where the game is won or lost.”

There are so many times that challenges, industry changes, client issues and technology can get the best of us. Our reactions dictate our results -- and most entrepreneurs lose the game of success because their mindset is programmed to thrive during challenging times.

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Allison Babb Phillips

I had a single MoneyDNA call with Melanie on taking my business to an entirely different revenue level and was astounded at what was actually holding me back.  It was so far buried in my subconscious that I would never have guessed that was the link.  But in just a few short minutes with Melanie, I had an amazing breakthrough!  I was truly stunned at the outcome and also the remarkable, yet simple process she used to help me achieve this breakthrough. Not only could I quickly see the extra $20K+ I can make each month and how easy it would be to create that, but the path to stepping into that was equally clear.  I should be clear that this was not a mere vision, a wish, a hope, or a dream; the precise actions I needed to take to achieve that was equally as clear using the process Melanie took me through.

Allison Babb Phillips, Great Small Business Advice
Dr. Joanny Liu

I've studied mindset for years but I still felt stuck on getting my work out in the world. After I watched the Selling With Confidence and implemented these tools, I was able to enroll my first $6,000 client. I am so thrilled that this program is helping me achieve my goals!

Dr. Joanny Liu, Author, Heal Your Concussion and Get Back in The Game