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Its Melanie Benson Strick here with just a couple of things while you wait for the webinar information for this Thursday to arrive in your mailbox!

You might need to verify your email first so watch carefully! I don’t want you to miss any of this great program I’ve arranged for you.

As you get ready for the webinar I’d like you to know I’m genuinely excited to meet you! Now you might not yet know me so let me give you a brief introduction to who I am before we meet on the webinar. My clients, partner and colleagues have dubbed me an optimum performance expert for thought leaders, creative entrepreneurs and transformational mentors.

Here are a few “gems” from my background that might be of relevance:

  1. I’ve been coaching, mentoring and training new and established business owners to get out of overwhelm for over 10 years.
  2. I’m considered a thought leader and global voice for creating thriving businesses where the entrepreneur grows by doing more of what they love most. What that means is this: I’m all about thriving instead of surviving or driving yourself so hard that you lose your sanity or your soul.
  3. I’ve been sharing stages with some of the legends of our time – Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, John Assaraf, and Barbara DeAngelis to name just a few — and I’m regularly featured in the media like American Express OPEN Forum, Woman’s Day and Parenting Magazine.
  4. I have an uncanny ability to get people like you unstuck and performing ten times more effectively with a few small tweaks to your current approach.
  5. I’ve discovered, and now taught hundreds of entrepreneurs over the last two years, that all of this success happens by learning how to Recode Your MoneyDNA!

Here’s just a few of the amazing testimonials that I’ve received from my clients lately…

Owen OLeary“Melanie Benson Strick has the unique ability to quickly understand and address your business issues. Her clear practical no nonsense approach is the steady hand that every business would benefit from. After 90 minutes, I understood what was limiting my business growth, the simple changes I could make to free up my time and where my business could go next. I went from overwhelmed to empowered and I can’t recommend Melanie’s coaching enough! “

Owen O’Leary, Idea Implementer for Creative Geniuses, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

AllisonBabb-Border“I had a single MoneyDNA call with Melanie on taking my business to an entirely different revenue level and was astounded at what was actually holding me back.  It was so far buried in my subconscious that I would never have guessed that was the link.  But in just a few short minutes with Melanie, I had an amazing breakthrough!  I was truly stunned at the outcome and also the remarkable, yet simple process she used to help me achieve this breakthrough.

Not only could I quickly see the extra $20K+ I can make each month and how easy it would be to create that, but the path to stepping into that was equally clear.  I should be clear that this was not a mere vision, a wish, a hope, or a dream; the precise actions I needed to take to achieve that was equally as clear using the process Melanie took me through.”

Allison Babb Phillips,, Atlanta, GA

Just thought I’d give you a little preview to what’s coming your way on the webinar. Be sure to join us live so we can also answer any questions or support requests to help you have the big breakthrough you desire.
Until then,