You’ve completed MoneyDNA Mastery and even though
you’ve experienced breakthroughs in your mindset and
habits around money and success you know
you’ve barely scratched the surface
of what’s possible when you immerse yourself in this
new paradigm of consciousness.

So now what?

Student hat ON A LOT OF MONEY

Consider this your invitation to go even deeper into unleashing your personal power and unlimited prosperity in the MoneyDNA Life Mastery Coaching Program.

In this exclusive program, I’ll be your guide and coach as we navigate through mastering all the areas of your life and success. In this process, which is available ONLY to graduates of the MoneyDNA Mastery program, we’ll work more intimately together to support you in mastering these tools so you can:

  • Create a life that will deliver the level of peace, harmony and bliss you crave
  • Have the courage to take bold action towards your big dreams
  • Increase your self-confidence to take bigger leaps and achieve your desired career success
  • Master staying centered & grounded no matter what life events are coming at you
  • Spot the “ego” and other negative influencers that sneak into your blind spots
  • Quickly recognize and eliminate toxic situations and energy drains sabotaging your progress
  • Master being a THRIVER and release your life from any struggle patterns holding you back
  • Live your best life because you radiate and magnetize success automatically
  • Know how to recover quickly from unpleasant situations that zap your confidence and derail your momentum

Ok, so how are we going to do this? Well for the last 25 years I’ve studied the spiritual principles of success. balance-rockUp until three years ago how I understood these principles provided me great financial success. But the emotional and physical stress of my old patterns and beliefs caused me to be a very stressed out and energetically drained person.

The problem was, I didn’t always know HOW to apply these spiritual principles in the moment I needed them the most. And often, left to my own devices, even though I KNEW what to do I didn’t do it. That’s why making a commitment to continue in this high vibration community is the key to thriving and unlimited prosperity.

Joining me in this program will mean:

1) You will commit to meet with me and our Life Mastery group twice a month via phone to work these principles in a deep and profoundly transformational way. I’ll be teaching you how to:

  • Human energy body, aura, chakra, energyMaster the three dimensional breakthrough process to move you out of judgment, fear and resentments
  • Increase your vibrational resonance so you live with infinite peace, grace and effortlessness
  • Breakthrough stubborn beliefs and barriers with advanced NLP tools
  • Recognize and use your wounds and “triggers” for massive transformation
  • Stay grounded in the face of relationship challenges and undesirable situations
  • Use a manifestation techniques that will magnetize your dream outcomes

2) I will facilitate these mastery sessions by sharing a tool or concept that has transformed my life. Then you will have a chance to ask for support and get coaching on what you need right now.

3) Once a quarter I’ll host laser coaching days to meet privately with you.

4) And of course we will continue to connect and inspire each other in a Facebook group just for the MoneyDNA Life mastery program.

What’s the investment?

The investment in this program is $295 per month. We ask you to commit to at least three months but plan to stay as long as you are having opportunities to master your inner game.

As a graduate of MoneyDNA Mastery you qualify for a special rate of $1,475 when you enroll up front for six months. As long as you are a current member of the MoneyDNA Life Mastery program you will be able to re-enroll at this rate each six months.

Plus, when you enroll, you’ll also receive access to a special one-time series of interviews with Melanie and 11 other significant mindset and success mentors on how to Answer The Call to Greatness (a $297 value.) This series includes interviews with Marcia Weider, America’s Dream Coach; Barbara Stanny, Author of How to Overcome Under-earning, and Arielle Ford, Attracting The One.

speakers list

This program must have a minimum of 20 people
and will never have more than 50 at one time. 

We meet on the phone two times per month on the first and third Thursday of each month starting June 5th at 1pm PT. All calls will be recorded in case you have to miss one but a condition of staying in this group is that you don’t miss more than one call in a quarter.

A few things that this group is not…


  1. This group is not a replacement for business coaching. We will not be focused on any business strategy and business related advice. If you have business coaching requirements you will want to apply separately for one of our business coaching programs.
  2. This is not a place for anyone who has serious emotional issues that would be better served by a therapist. This program can work in conjunction with therapy to provide faster results but if you have a significant trauma or are deeply in pain, therapy may be the better solution.
  3. The coaching process is not a magic pill or instant fix formula. What I will guide you through will change your life and position you to be able to create a meaningful life. These are tools to add to your life success toolbox.
  4. This group is not for you if you plan to invest but not work the process or show up regularly for the coaching calls. It won’t work and I’d like to make sure you don’t waste your money or my time.
  5. Finally, this is not the place for you if you plan to cling to your attachments, ego-based success or refuse to let go of victim thinking. I love you just the way you are but you will hate this program and blame me for your lack of results. It’s just better that we not go there.



MoneyDNA Life Mastery Coaching Program Enrollment Form

YES!  Please enroll me in the MoneyDNA Life Mastery Coaching Program

I understand I’ll receive each month:

  • Live personalized group coaching with Melanie twice per month on the first and third Thursdays at 1pm PT to continue to super-charge my MoneyDNA and master my ability to raise my vibration for prosperity and fulfillment
  • Quarterly private laser coaching days where I can meet with Melanie in a one on one 15 minute session to address my biggest blind spots and achieve even bigger breakthroughs
  • On-going community and support through the exclusive Facebook group just for graduates of MoneyDNA Mastery who have committed to deepen their mastery

Money DNA Life Mastery Coaching Program

Yes! I want to take advantage of the 6 month package where I will  have access to a special one-time series of interviews with Melanie and 11 other significant mindset and success mentors on how to Answer The Call to Greatness (a $297 value.) This series includes interviews with Marcia Weider, America’s Dream Coach; Barbara Stanny, Author of How to Overcome Under-earning, and Arielle Ford, Attracting The One.  

Lock in my spot for six months for just $1475.


Please enroll me in the month to month rate of $295.
I understand I must stay for at least three months.