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Email #1

Subject: The Surprising Reason You Aren’t Making More Money

Hi <NAME>,

There are a SHOCKING number of people who are struggling financially right now. And even more shocking is the amount of successful people who have discovered they were holding themselves back from their next level of success.

My friend Melanie Benson Strick has put together an amazing webinar where she reveals the root of this unconscious sabotage. Click here to register for it now <NAME>


Yes <NAME>, she’s finally decided to reveal the secret technique that her clients have paid big dollars for—a technique that works for virtually ANYONE who puts it to work.

Register for the webinar here <NAME>:


Wishing you abundance,

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P.S. Check out the 12 MoneyDNA™ Indicators and let me know how you rank <NAME>



Email #2

Subject: When Positive Thinking Isn’t Enough (Free Webinar)


Here’s what you never knew about “the law of attraction” and positive thinking.

I’ve studied mindset and success strategies for a long time <NAME>.

And one thing I discovered is that most Law of Attraction information stops short of what really works.

What it takes to really turn on your money attraction at full blast requires a lot more than positive thinking, gratitude and affirmations.

And because I had it all wrong for WAY too long, I’m hosting a FREE Webinar with my friend Melanie Benson Strick where she’ll teach you what she learned that stopped her incessant worrying and turned her into a money-making magnet.

Enroll for FREE now [LINK]

In this webinar she’ll do three things:

  1. Reveal how even the most successful people (as well as anyone who is still struggling) on the planet can unconsciously sabotage their wealth just as fast as they bring cash in the door.
  2. Teach you her secret to upleveling your MoneyDNA without affirmations, visualizations and positive thinking.
  3. Rise above the doubts, fears and worries of financial uncertainty that EVERYONE, no matter how successful you are, experiences so you can continue to attract greater levels of financial freedom (even when the rest of the world is crying doom and gloom, panicking and losing faith.)

I’ll see you on the webinar,


PS: A warning–you won’t be the same after this webinar. It will change the way you think and it will change your ability to achieve extraordinary levels of wealth and achievement. Grab your seat now <NAME> (and if you can’t make it go ahead and register and I’ll make sure you get the replay link)



Email #3

Subject: [WEBINAR] Money DNA with Melanie Benson Strick

Hey <NAME>

Join me for a great webinar covering one of the most important topics on creating wealth ever done: Your MoneyDNA™ by my friend Melanie Benson Strick.
Melanie is a nationaly known writer and speaker on peak performance and has developed this new webinar to help you find the hidden snags keeping you from having the life and wealth you deserve.

On this webinar Melanie will show you the exact strategies she is using every day to help her clients move from start-up to 6-figure and 7-figure businesses in record time.

Register here [LINK]

Some of the topics Melanie will cover on this webinar:

  • How to not only create but HOLD ON TO wealth
  • The 12 hidden indicators revealing your own personal Money DNA
  • The missing reason why your business might be stuck at a plateau keeping you from moving to 6-figures or even breaking through to a million dollar business
    and much more…

We have made two times available, and we will most likely fill both spots.

Pick a time that works and we will see you on the webinar!



P.S. We anticipate a full house – so be sure to get on at least 15 minutes early – so you don’t get locked out! Go now <NAME>

Register here – [LINK]